About Us

Ryan Bredlow

As a young boy, Ryan always had design on his mind. Whenever his father was working on a project around the house, he was right there to help and learn which eventually led him to working with his father for a custom home builder.  As a Carpenters Apprentice, Ryan realized that his talents were better suited for the design and concept of the projects.  So, he obtained his AA degree in Auto CAD and worked for 15 years on Roof truss, I-joist and structural design of residential and commercial projects.  Ryan was very adept at reviewing the plans and recommending simple plan changes that could save thousands of dollars.  

During this time, Ryan also began working with homeowners and builders as well and discovered a real passion for residential design.  So, in 2014, he focused all of his time and talents on residential design and has been growing his business ever since!  

Ryan takes pride in his abilities as a designer and even has hands-on experience as a builder - building his first home at the age of 22.  This hands-on construction experience provided Ryan a unique perspective on the many facets of home building - a perspective that many designers/architects do not possess.  This perspective allows him to analyze a homes' design, budget, logistics, and make recommendations for value engineering too!

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Megan and their 3 children.