Personalizing The Design Process

RB Home Design understands that the home design process is a very personal experience.  

Your home is often a reflection of your lifestyle.  So we take your vision, your goals, and your budget into consideration when we begin the design process.   Then, we work hard to marry all of these elements so that you will experience a home you can enjoy for many years to come.

New Home Planning

This starts by meeting with you to explore your needs and wish list along with the style, size and budget desired.  In this initial meeting, we will also discuss exterior and interior finishes. Once the first meeting has taken place, we then take all of the information given and incorporate this into the initial concept plan.  Concepts are presented and we meet to review likes and dislikes.  At that point the plans are revised to be exactly what the home owner wants. and the plans are sent out for bid by the contractors once the final budget is established we then can move forward with the final permit, construction plans. And your new home begins construction.

Home addition and renovation

Addition & Renovation Planning

This process begins in your existing home where we can review your needs and wish list, current site conditions, along with the budget for the addition and or renovation. 

We begin the full measure of the existing house to establish a good baseline for the new plans. Once the existing condition plans have been completed, we start the addition / renovation plans to incorporate all of the home owners requirements into the new plans. 

After review of the initial concept plans with the home owner and getting their likes and dislikes we then revise the plans to be exactly what the home owner wants. At this point we move forward to the final permit construction plans and the plans go out to the contractors for bid. Once the final budget is determined and the contractor is selected the construction of the project begins.

Special Considerations

Many homes have special considerations that must be incorporated into the overall plan:

  • A large family often requires more bedrooms and baths
  • A waterfront location may require creative architectural design to accommodate more windows or specific views
  • Aging In Place may require wheelchair accessible designs
  • Row homes or narrow lots may require creative use of limited spaces

RB Home Design understands these nuances and works with you to provide a home design that will meet all of your needs, but especially your vision!